A Close Reading in Alexander Pope’s “Rape of the Lock”


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A Close Reading in Alexander Pope's "Rape of the Lock"
“But every eye was fixed on her alone” (Pope 22). Most men would admit that sometime in their life a smile of a woman touches their heart and the smile changes makes the woman a powerful opponent. Alexander Pope presents the beauty of a woman as arms to fight, the setting the stage to capture its opponent, and the ability to win the fight. The close reading of the specific section of Pope’s writing will show that while Pope at times had a satirical demeaning view of women by showing the importance of preparing for social functions and even though he thought women were weak the Pope also respected the power of a woman. In the Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope, a close reading of a...
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.....auty. They often spent hours fixing choosing the right clothes, fixing their hair, and even the specific types of jewelry they would wear. In this passage by Pope he states that she had a cross on her breasts (Pope 22). Part of the beauty of Belinda was the type of jewelry that she wore. Throughout the poem, but beauty of Belinda is the focus of the poem.
The specific passage of Canto II Stanza 1 shows that Pope believed the one weapon that women could use was their beauty. Throughout the poem, beauty continues to play a role that creates the visual image of women and their roles in life. Pope demeaned women, but he also understood that women are important in life.
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