A Character Trait Essay on “Underground to Canada” by Barbara Smucker


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The beginning:
A Character Trait Essay on "Underground to Canada" by Barbara Smucker
This essay will describe the three differing character traits of courage, true friendship, and strength that are part of Barbara Smucker’s main character, Julilly. In the novel, Julilly has great courage to believe that she can escape through the Underground Railroad deep in the South. Her friendship with Liza defines her loyalty to those she cares about, which then gives her the strength to survive her adventures to freedom in Canada. This essay will define Julilly’s courage, loyalty, and strength in the Underground to Canada by Barbara Julilly.
In Smucker’s novel, Julilly is a 12-year-old girl that is removed from her family by slave master that cares little for the...
The end:
.....de Julilly with the means to escape slavery in the south. Julilly has the courage to realize her own dream of finding freedom, as she is encouraged by the white man working for the Underground Railroad. Also, her loyalty to Liza defines her ability to develop true friendships that give her important ways in which to find help while traveling in America. Finally, Julilly uses her great strength to realize goals that Liza may not have been able to endure, especially when they face the risk of being caught. In this way, the character traits of courage, true friendship, and strength are part of the Julilly’s personality in Barbara Smucker’s Underground to Canada.
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