A Case Study of Stressors at Work


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A Case Study of Stressors at Work
Case: Kathryn McNeil
1. Kathryn McNeil personally experiences multiple stressors in her job. These stressors include the stress to perform under intense pressure from management, as well as intense personal challenges. McNeil’s employer is undergoing a transition to merge with another company; this merger naturally puts everyone’s jobs at risk. In addition, both McNeil and other employees at the company must comply with massive sales and organizational targets. Because of McNeil’s need to provide care for her son, there is the additional stress of her supervisor’s criticism of her work ethic, despite her contributions at the top of her own capability. There are also physical stressors in that McNeil is...
The end:
..... McNeil needs to produce a plan that clearly demonstrates how she will manage her work with definitive timelines. Whether she is working from home or from the office, or in combination, she needs to be producing work at the same level of output as her peers in order to ensure that she is taken seriously. McNeil needs to be proactive in negotiating a work arrangement that would be not only satisfactory, but that demonstrates her level of commitment so that she does not put the jobs of her superiors in jeopardy. This could involve working with the company’s human resources team to come up with a solution, or presenting a financial model that shows how a flexible solution will work to increase her productivity for the company in the long term.