A Canadian Junior Mining Company: To be a Major Global Company


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A Canadian Junior Mining Company: To be a Major Global Company
The following paper looks at a Canadian junior mining company that is interested in being a major global company. The paper analyzes the situation by employing a comparison of the ideal theoretical model (where things should be) relative to where things currently stand. The domestic strengths of the company are highlighted and success outside the domestic market is gauged. In the final analysis, HRG is actually in a rather dangerous position in the sense that, while it has some strong strategic and human resources capabilities, it also is associated with a dubious organization and locked into an investment in a country (Russia) that could prove to be very...
The end:
..... concentrated rather than diversified activities; it may be weakened by the vagaries of doing business in Russia. Additionally, the firm is only a minority partner with
and that means that it may be forced into some bad positions by its senior partner; it could also be pushed out entirely. On the positive side, the company does have operations in Burkina Faso, Africa, and that could be a very profitable entrée into the continent when gold prices climb (as they are doing now). Overall, the firm is well-managed, well-resourced (in terms of human talent) and fully capable of success as long as it chooses its partners carefully.
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