A Business Proposal for Future Investors


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A Business Proposal for Future Investors
The following paper is a business proposal that looks at a start-up business; my business is a pet grooming and pet health food concern. Since we all love our pets (often more so than people) I would love to create some local boutiques that allow people to have their animals looked after in a loving and thoughtful environment. My product line would be products for animal hair care and would be food items that animals need (pets being cats and dogs) to really flourish. I know there is significant demand in my community. The investors I have in mind are local venture capitalists in
Making the investment: why you should invest
The investment budget I have in mind is...
The end:
.....carry high-quality products and I will only hire people with previous experience in veterinary care or in pet grooming. I believe that this is a business endeavour that reaches out to the double-income couple of today that is unwilling to have children and I believe it also appeals to our new social consciousness about the premium value we should place upon our pets. Since the costs of start-up are not massive, and since the people costs are not overtaxing, there is tremendous potential here.
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