A Business Case Analysis of JetBlue Airways Business Strategy


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A Business Case Analysis of JetBlue Airways Business Strategy
Introduction and Overview of JetBlue Airways
JetBlue, the New York based airline, joined the competitive and ever-changing airline industry in 1998, with a mission to provide airline passengers a new level of “value, service and style” (JetBlue, 2010). When the company launched, it promised customers attention to “little details” (Rovenpor and Michel, 20080, a level of customer courtesy that had been sorely lacking in the airline industry (according to marketing research), a comfort experience equivalent to a “small cozy den in people’s home” (Rovenpor & Michel, 2008) and it promised employees a unique, cohesive, fun organizational culture and brand personality that was not...
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.....essary steps to keep customers satisfied through its Bill of Rights, and it also has the operational flexibility to make changes that may become necessary in the future. With other airlines burdened by unhappy employees, disgruntled customers and terrible service, JetBlue need only stick to its strategic intent and focus on keeping costs low to retain its position as a leader in discount air travel.
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