A Brief Literary and Thematic Analysis in Arnold’s “Dover Beach”


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A Brief Literary and Thematic Analysis in Arnold’s “Dover Beach”
Matthew Arnold’s work “Dover Beach” has been hailed as a work of Romantic Literature that defines this great genre of literature. Arnold’s expression of undying devotion and the stern reliance on love of another and from another are the only constructs needed to navigate the treacherous world around oneself are eerily similar to some of the great works of ancient Romance Literature. Arnold’s “Dover Beach” is undoubtedly a demonstration of the love he has for his fiancé and his conveyance of this love is seen in the description of his surroundings, most likely staring out at the sands of Dover Beach. The premise of this brief essay is to examine two critical, yet...
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.....as a metaphor for the external and internal crises that he has to endure is a telling piece of literary symbolism as the context has been used in numerous poems seeking to convey the same concepts. Arnold’s use of the words “Ignorant Armies” could be a reference to the men of science that have begun to dominate the landscape. Whomever Arnold is referring to it is relatively clear that he acknowledges his way of life, from a societal stand point, is changing and the only thing that remains constant is the existence of the ethereal bond that is between a man and wife. It is this overall theme that binds together Arnold’s “Dover Beach” through the entire piece.
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