A Brief Biographical Sketch of the Life of Keith Haring


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A Brief Biographical Sketch of the Life of Keith Haring
In the history of visual art, the work of Keith Haring holds a special and unique place. As an artist, Haring believed in the power and ability of art to change the world (Kolossa and Haring 8). His prodigious accomplishments in the decade preceding his death from AIDS in 1990, at the young age of 31, attest to this belief as well as the artist’s genius and ability to fuse life and personality with art.
Childhood to the Realization of his True Dream
Keith Haring was born in 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania, and raised in the nearby town of Kutztown. As a child he had a special interest in art and drawing which continued throughout high school. Upon graduation from high...
The end:
.....st special is the way it embodies the character and personality of Keith Haring for the unique person and artist that he truly was.
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