A Book Review of the Book of Proverbs


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A Book Review of the Book of Proverbs
The Book of Proverbs is part of the Holy Bible which is a text that is used by many people of Christian faith as their main sacred scripture. The Bible has many authors, and the Book of Proverbs is no different. There are debates about how many authors contributed to this part of the Bible, but most scholars believe that the first section was written by Solomon, son of David, with two other sections being written by unnamed “wise men” and the third part by a slightly mysterious figure named
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Solomon, who is widely considered the main author of the text, is an interesting figure. In other parts of the Bible Solomon asks God to make him into a servant of the...
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.....r of how to live a noble and righteous life. Any person who truly heeds all of the adages presented in this text would be likely to lead a peaceful and harmonious life. While it is not guaranteed that the reader will find riches or complete happiness, following the proverbs will ultimately provide good benefits. Like any wisdom literature, the Book of Proverbs presents how people should behave in an ideal world. Clearly, Solomon failed at following the advice that he laid out for readers. Readers can bear witness to the fact that Solomon and his offspring suffered greatly for his transgressions, so overall this text provides an excellent morality tale for all readers to heed as a warning. Bibliography
The Bible New Revised Standard Version.