A Book Review of Amy Chua’s “World on Fire”


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A Book Review of Amy Chua’s “World on Fire”
Amy Chua’s book, “World on Fire: how free market democracy breeds ethnic hatred and global instability,” is a text that appears to be predicated upon a general theme: free market democracy has created a world (at least in the global south) where ethnic elites have acquired massive wealth and influence – along with significant relations with political elites – at the same time as resentful majorities are given nominal representation and “say,” but still find that the elites are not eager to see them guide economic policy or other substantive policy matters (Chua, 2004, p.259). Chua appears to believe that free markets that reward some groups disproportionately, when coupled with...
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.....the globe. The best way to ameliorate the impact of markets and democracy on ethnic violence is to find innovative ways of changing the cultures of corruption and demagoguery that exist in many parts of the world; future research should devote itself to this goal.
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