A Book Report on “Becoming a Prince by Villainy”


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A Book Report on “Becoming a Prince by Villainy”
Niccolo Machiavelli gives two specific ways to become a prince in “Becoming a Prince by Villainy” that is other than the normal way of royal birth. Machiavelli tells how villainy definitely can be used to gain the position of prince, but problems can result from obtaining the position. Understanding the reading from Machiavelli begins with understanding the different ways of gaining the role of prince, ways of keeping the position of prince, and the characteristics of a good prince.
If a person wants to gain the position of prince, different ways of gaining this position can be accomplished including joining the militia, being rich, having a great intelligence, and through treachery and...
The end:
.....e, political leader, or a person is important.
Overall, the writings of Machiavelli were interesting even if it was a little difficult to read and understand. While villainy was a way to gain the position of prince, Machiavelli showed that it was also difficult to hold that position because others would try to use trickery and violence against the prince using that method to gain the position. The last pages of the writings were interesting because mercy, integrity, faith, and respect are important not only in the lives of princes, but in the lives of people. When looking for political leaders and friends, these are characteristics that are important.
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