A Blank Slate: A Thought Experiment in Isolation


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The beginning:
A Blank Slate: A Thought Experiment in Isolation
Year 1 Day 1
The subject, whom I have named Slate, is a mere four hours old. He lies in bed in the centre of the room, crying. A bottle filled with a nutrient-rich supplement has been placed beside him, as a necessary condition for his survival. Slate has already taken to the bottle as a source of food.
Year 3 Day 287
Slate’s motor skills continue to improve. His vocalization also continues, although no discernable language has been developed. Instead, he mouths sounds and seems surprised by the noises that are emitted. Occasionally he will utter a long, sustained note for minutes on end.
Year 5 Day 106
Slate’s desire for human contact grows. He is often hugging himself, or touching the...
The end:
.....ainst the wall, including himself. He is clearly curious as to what lies beyond his little world, suggesting that he believes there is more to life than what he has experienced.
Such metaphysical reasoning has led him to become completely disinterested with all of the objects with him in the room. This could be interpreted as the beginning of a religious awakening, although it is interesting to note that, after failing to perform his ritualistic dance before dinner, and yet still receiving his meal on time that day, he seems to have concluded that his ritual is superfluous and he has ceased his dancing around the meal chute. Now he looks outside his room for spiritual fulfillment. This behavior will have to be closely studied in the future.