A Biographical Criticism of a Midsummer Night’s Dream


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The beginning:
A Biographical Criticism of a Midsummer Night’s Dream
This paper is a biographical criticism of Shakespeare’s a Midsummer Night’s Dream. As part of completing this task, it is important to look at the major elements of any story: the setting; the conflict at its heart; the point of view; the plot; the characters involved and theme. It is impossible, in a paper so brief, to touch upon all of them and how Shakespeare’s formulation of all of them impacted me as a reader. However, there are three elements in the play that really resonated with me: the setting; the plot; and what I believe to be the central conflict or antagonism at the heart of the play. The setting, as I see it, is emblematic of the tensions in the play; in other words, you...
The end:
..... At the same time, the play is about people wandering around in a daze: we have the supernatural and the natural commingled together to such an extent (fairies interacting with humans, for instance) that we can be forgiven for seeing the supernatural as almost natural; like anyone who has fallen in love, I can certainly attest to how silly love makes you – and how it can leave you wandering around in a sort of dream sequence.  
To close briefly, when you look at this play, you see how love distorts, blinds and – hopefully – leads to greater insight. The greatness of the work is that it imparts a serious message in such an altogether “fun” way. 
Shakespeare, William. A Midsummer Night’s Dream. New York: Ginn & Company, 1910.