A Better Way to Think about Business


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A Better Way to Think about Business
Overview of Solomon’s Key Points
Solomon (1999) writes that, as a whole, companies are often led by individuals who are driven by such a need for financial success that they manipulate the company’s operations and the people around them. As Solomon (1999) notes, the exploitation of need (both corporate need for profit and the consumer need for products) is at stake, means that companies are given an incentive to work towards fulfilling a profit incentive rather than an incentive to do the right thing. Ethics and integrity must therefore contribute to the ideas and values throughout not only a corporation’s culture but also within their definition of success. Ethics, in this way, is not about making...
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.....nsideration, because money leads to security in life. At the same time, what is clear from Solomon’s (1999) writing is that there is a need to understand that by working for a common future, we can create hope for all humanity. The world, as a whole, has the resources to provide for all people, but if the only thing that matters is hoarding resources for oneself, then the social, environmental and economic problems that we face will never change. This book has provided me with the tools I will need to be confront ideas that are not sustainable or virtuous for businesses or for our global population over both the short term and the long term. Reference
Solomon, R. (1999). A Better Way To Think About Business. Oxford: Oxford University Press.