5 Ideas for the Class Presentation


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The beginning:
5 Ideas for the Class Presentation
Debate Question 1
Is it possible to develop normal cognitive functions outside of a social context?
Debate Question 2
What came first thought or language?
Debate Question 3
Do cognitive processes create reality?
What you might want to do is present the class with these three questions. To a certain degree they build on each other. I would suggestion maybe asking the 2nd question, then the third and then finally the fourth. Although it is possible to do this using other combinations of these questions.
Option 4: Experiment
Have a set of three identical symbols. Create your own meanings for the symbols. Put the symbols on the black board. Take two volunteers and separate them. Have one leave the room. Tell...
The end:
..... shapes the cognitive development and learning patterns of individuals.
theory was unique in that it saw the
context of the individual as the driving force behind their cognitive development and learning processes.
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