Instructional Technology


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Instructional Technology
Many educational institutions are adopting alternatives means of education their populations by use of technological innovation and multimedia presentations. New technologies have changed the landscape of how students learn, think and relate to one another in a positive way. “The new technological possibilities continue to revolutionize life. Information and digital technologies have changed the pace and possibilities in communication, data management and information access” (Misener & Warner, 2009, page 94 par. 6). This world of new possibility and means of learning can be exemplified by PowerPoint presentations, an emerging multimedia technology that can be taken advantage of in the fields of nursing and...
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..... as a human being and an educator, and these are areas where the educator must be at their most careful. Overall, the struggle between an educator’s background, persona and wants as a human being should enhance their ability to uphold legal and moral academic integrity, and not dissuade it.
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