1945-1960: A Time of Tragedy, Invention, and Triumph


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1945-1960: A Time of Tragedy, Invention, and Triumph
Otherwise known as the Postwar period, 1945-1960 represents a time of social change, invention, and unnecessary tragedy. After World War II, the development of the atomic bomb used to attack Hiroshima, Japan, set the platform for the atomic age, a time when society felt that nuclear power and technology would help significantly evolve human society. Our world’s occupation with war technology coincided with the political unrest that had shaken up Vietnam along with the rest of the world in their fear of a communist takeover. As a result, the Vietnam War had begun, eventually dragging down many countries along with it, especially the U.S. While this period did encompass much...
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.....and politics. Back then, the world couldn’t even imagine a Barach Obama running the country. To think, a black president in charge of the United States! However, the case’s ruling that laws establishing separate schools for black and white people are unconstitutional had opened up a lot more doors to civil liberty, leading to the emergence of other civil movements and leaders responsible for the progress that has been reached today. Overall, the period of 1945-1960 had many watershed moments that had significantly affected the socio-political standing of the world. For better and worse, these moments were catalysts that had set other future events in motion. History isn’t just made up of past events; it is also the foundation of our future.