10 Self-Renewal Interview Questions and their Answers


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10 Self-Renewal Interview Questions and their Answers
(Based on Rose, a woman in her mid ‘50’s from Columbia. Rose lives in the Flintridge, California and works as a director of a L.A. county pre-school. She is a dynamic caregiver, accomplished and hard working.)
1. If you had to name the most important value to you, in your personal life, what would it be? A: My sense of obligation. I think that obligation and duty are values that have kept me focused in my work and personal life. I know what I want, and life is full of obstacles. Recognizing these obstacles and keeping focused through my own strong sense of obligation is something that I always think about when times are hard, and thankful for when times are good.
2. What does cultural...
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.....d that a good communicator is someone who doesn’t need to drone on, but can let her administration be communicated to shortly and clearly, so that they understand and can get right to work. Rose’s communication style certainly worked well within her workplace, and I think that this is extremely effective, if done in a way that is clear, descriptive enough, and not vague. I would definitely want to model myself after Rose’s communication style, because sometimes the things I say don’t matter, and I often just talk to talk. I can be more economical with my words to help others and make myself a more effective leader.
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