10 Fallacies and Same Sex Marriage Articles


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10 Fallacies and Same Sex Marriage Articles
Part 1: 10 Fallacies
1. Strawman Fallacy: The strawman fallacy comes from a tradition in the middle ages, where people used straw dolls to practice their fencing skills. This fallacy is named as such because it takes an opposition’s view point, distorts it, and attacks this person based on this distorted viewpoint (Mackenzie 66).
An example of this is how creationists are attacked for not thinking animals change over time. Many evolutionists think this, though most creationists generally believe that animals do change over time, just not from one animal to another.
2. Sweeping Generalization: Also known as an overgeneralization or a hasty generalization, this fallacy is when a generalization is...
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.....port my argument, and not emotionalism or sensationalism. “An appeal to pathos causes an audience not just to respond emotionally but to identify with the writer's point of view--to feel what the writer feels” (Bean & Ramage 81). I don’t want them to feel for me, but to use my words as my sword. Obviously, it is really hard to keep your emotions out of something you really care about, but I am definitely trying!
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