Big Brother Today


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Big Brother Today
Big Brother is evident in many societies in the modern world, but in most cases the techniques of surveillance and control are not as direct or as intrusive
as they are in George Orwell’s novel 1984. Big Brother is most evident in totalitarian societies such as North Korea, where propaganda is overt and pervasive and obedience to the state is strictly enforced by the regime’s security police forces, but it is also emerging in Western societies through the vast expansion of surveillance and corporate control over the mass media, which
are being used to maintain establishment power and stifle dissent.
Big Brother in Modern Societies
In comparing conditions in Orwell’s 1984 to conditions in the modern...
The end:
....., now, financed by $20 billion last year and $15 billion more this year of federal money appropriated out of sheer fear.
By creating the means to monitor 300 million visits to the United States yearly, this administration and a supine opposition are building a system capable of identifying, tracking and spying on 300 million Americans. So far, the reaction has been a most un-American docility.
This Monday was Presidents' Day. To save the capital and thus the nation, the leader who manipulated his rebellious officers with an emotional pretense of incipient blindness was George Washington, and the one who risked creating a Caesar out of a necessary general was Abraham Lincoln. Neither would sacrifice America's freedom to protect his monument.