Article Review: “Fighting Pirates: The Pen and the Sword”


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Article Review: "Fighting Pirates: The Pen and the Sword"
In their World Policy Journal article, “Fighting Pirates: The Pen and the Sword”, James Kraska and Brian Wilson examine and analyze the escalating threat of maritime piracy, particularly in the dangerous coastal waters off Yemen and Somalia. The authors are well-qualified to write this article, for Kraska serves on the faculty of the International Law Department at the Naval War College and was oceans policy adviser for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, while Wilson is a senior Navy lawyer in Washington, D. C. and was an oceans policy adviser in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy at the Pentagon.
Kraska and Wilson (2008, 41) note that “maritime piracy is...
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.....the threat of maritime piracy. I highly recommend their article, for it provides a concise but thorough analysis of the issues involved and the options available for government decision makers.
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