Narratives of Early American Past: Analysis Of Marginalized Perspectives


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Narratives of Early American Past: Analysis Of Marginalized Perspectives
Narratives of the early American past are often written from the political, economic, and social perspective of elite white men. That history is very different when told from the vantage point of marginalized social groups such
as women, landless whites, African-Americans, and Native Americans, for their experiences were very different from the experiences of white establishment elites. They had no voice in government, few if any legal rights, and in the cases of Native-Americans and African-Americans, were beaten into submission by military force or enslaved.
The Vantage Point of African-Americans
In selecting the marginalized social group of...
The end:
.....y, and the pursuit of happiness which were proclaimed with such pride by white elites in the Declaration of Independence, who ignored the evils of slavery because it was politically expedient to ignore those evils.
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